Monday, June 11, 2012


It has been more than a month since I quit drinking coffee.
After three days of intense withdrawal headaches passed, I became calmer and less anxious.
In retrospect, coffee is a poor substitute for sleep, comfort, or food.

 I am more alive and alert, and I've lost about five pounds by quitting coffee.  My environment stays cleaner.  No more coffee spills in the car, or coffee stains left wherever I set my cup.  I save money, and time.  The best part of life without coffee is that I am less reactive.  I don't experience small annoyances on a visceral level, and I snap at my children less frequently.

Good night my drug of choice for twenty six years.  Sometime, out with friends and when I know the coffee is going to be primo, I'll enjoy a cup of joe.  I just won't let it become my support system again. I've cut the iv connecting a continual drip of mediocre 7-11 coffee to my life.



  1. Interesting how things affect us differently. Glad you found positive effects of being caffeine-free.

  2. Yes, caffeine was not a good thing for me, but for many people it's not a problem. Are you a coffee drinker?

  3. Un saluto caloroso dall'Italia...ciao

  4. Funny I'm sipping coffee at this moment (Had Indian food for lunch. A lot of it too).
    I only drink coffee when I need to stay awake. A small amount usually works but sad part is that because all I need is the caffeine, I drink it black.

  5. Congratulations and all best