Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving break

Thanksgiving vacation always comes at the right time, just when I feel that I'm about to break.  I look forward to a chance to sleep, and to read a week's worth of old newspapers on the train to NYC.
It will be fun to cook a turkey, do Madlibs with Tzippi, and maybe catch up on housecleaning.

I turned in a paper last night, one minute before it was due.  I didn't think that I had procrastinated, but the paper wasn't finished when I submitted it.  It is disorganized, light on evidence in several places, and oh, I just wish that I had had three more hours to tie things up.  It's not a great feeling working that hard and turning in something that doesn't come together. Considering my recent schedule; however, I think that I did the best that I could with the given time.

Where to get the time that I need? What is it about me that requires such a saturated schedule of responsibilities and other events?  I've been thinking about how I could better manage time so that I don't feel crazy-overscheduled all the time.  What could I cut?  What would I cut?  And an even better question: If I had all the time that I need, would I use it wisely?