Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy New Year!!

All teachers know that the year begins when school does.   Newly sharpened pencils, uncluttered supply closets, curriculum still uncomplicated by personal interactions with students: these are the shiny artifacts of hopeful anticipation.   Each year, I make resolutions that celebrate new ideas, and proactive approaches.  Never am I as open to possibility as during the Teacher's New Year.

I have been at this long enough to know that situations will emerge to test new resolutions.  A parent might insist that her child is royalty.  A student may balk, or rage. Some Tuesday morning, everyone in class including me might wake up on the wrong side of bed.  Furthermore, it is probable that at some point I become overwhelmed; a project---- so simple to plan in July, might devour October evenings.

Things will get messy; they always do.  I still celebrate the New Year with positive thoughts, new pencils, and a shining new slate.  Happy New Years to those of you lucky enough to still be in school!!!


  1. Oh girlie! I love this. My children will miss you terribly this year--

  2. I'll miss them as well. Everything is dramatically different this year. It's invigorating, but also a bit scary.