Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Transition time television

I do not have to go to work this week.  I still wake automatically before 5:30, but summer vacation is officially on.  There's a deep pile of work to do before August, but first it's time to vegetate.  After working two jobs this year: days/ nights/weekends, plus driving children to play practice, band practice, Hebrew school--- the free time throws off my balance.  I was actually pacing the floor yesterday, restless and cagey. To make the transition between work and summer easier, I've been watching a lot of 30 Rock.

Last night, I betrayed Joni and watched the second season of 30 Rock on Netflix.  We always watch it together, but she's away at camp. I feel zero guilt.  I wouldn't cheat with Mad Men which occupies a slightly more elevated status in our family culture. But I feel okay about sneaking the Tina Fey.  

Digression:  We don't have cable or television, but we watch movies (also Madmen and 30 Rock on Netflix!).  We tend toward documentaries, and drama. Lately, however, we have been into old movies.   Movies made half a century or more ago, are super for family viewing.  All the grownup themes are present, but introduced in such a way that your curious six year old won't notice. No explicit sexual activity for example, but it's there if you know how to recognize it.  I like the subtlety.  I  like to see men wearing undershirts under crisp button up shirts.  I also love the clothes worn by women, especially in the forties. I love that the hallucinated temptress/floozy played by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch never screws up pronoun case, noun/ verb agreement, or other fundamental aspects of civilized discourse.  If I could speak with such precision and at the same time wear that amazing white dress that whooshes up when the train goes by.....ah, that would be a perfect day.

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