Saturday, July 16, 2011

What I need

I need a place to sit, a route to walk, food, shelter, love, water, an idea, a purpose.  All the rest is meretricious hype.  I've lived in both squalid, and beautiful surroundings.  I prefer beautiful, but have found that I can be happy anywhere.  I can also be miserable anywhere.  My emotions are often in flux; I have good days, but sometimes sink low. However, as long as I have a niche, a question to answer, a book---- I'm home.  If I'm home, peace is nearby and will prevail.  

  I hope that I've moved on from poverty, loss, and depression, but I can't predict that they are through with me.  Through surviving life's inevitable ups and downs, I do know that I am flexible; my sense of well-being does not depend on a static circumstance, person, place, or thing.  Whatever comes my way, I'll survive.  Knowing that I  have what I need is one beautiful gift of getting older.   How sweet it is to have that understanding! 

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