Sunday, July 3, 2011

Properly fitted

 My daughter made me watch a video on finding proper bra fit.  It turned out that I was wearing the wrong size. I went shopping to rectify the situation. Now, with bras that fit, I am  stronger, taller, and much better looking.  Never underestimate the power of great fitting undergarments. Most women are not wearing the correct bra size.  Here is information on how to find a proper size.

I don't have mainstream breasts, apparently.  I can't walk into the Maidenform outlet and find my size.  Two stores that I recommend if you are not a "normal" size: Nordstrom's and Figleaves. I don't ever use this space to hawk merchandise, but I consider today's blog to be more of a Public Service Announcement.

Nordstrom's is expensive, but they have a great range of sizes.  Also, the staff is amazingly helpful. is even better than Nordstroms.  They sell bathing suits by cup size.  This is great for women (not me, other women) who have skinny butts and legs, but big boobs.  No more baggy bathing suit bottoms.  They have decent bra sales, too.  Recently Joni and I went to about ten stores unsuccessfully looking for a bathing suit to fit her.  The experience was frustrating enough to bring her to tears.  Not one bathing suit could we find. We went home from the mall and found satisfaction on the internet. had  pages of cute suits. We bought a one piece and a bikini. Neither looked like matron wear, and they arrived within a week.  Both fit perfectly!  Happy daughter= Happy mom.

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