Monday, July 4, 2011

Hypothetical exodus

For a brief time, twenty years ago, I lived in squalor with a friend and her boyfriend.  Oh, so naive I was.  For forty bucks a month, I crashed there until his alcohol fueled violent tendencies verged out of control.   The friend and I had about five minutes to get out of the apartment.  I didn't have much stuff there; clothes and a cardboard box filled with personal items.  In the panic, here is what I took:  a carved quartz rock that I found on the street in Valencia, Spain (fits into my hand perfectly), a piece of cloth that I used to be able to wear as a dress, my journal.  Those were my impulse choices.  What would you take if you had to suddenly leave?


  1. I couldn't think of anything I'm attached to and would want to take. Then it dawned on me - my external hard drive. It has pictures, videos, music, documents I'd certainly be glad I still have.

  2. That's the perfect thing to grab!