Sunday, July 31, 2011

Halos and angels at 3:03 AM

 Sometimes I wake at 3:03 am

leaving a very thin halo where my head was on the pillow, 
and  wish that I could share my idiosyncratic mental unravelings with you.  
I'm scared, fear colored by dreams and weather: the dream where a cute man sees me pick my nose,  the one where I can't find the baby, or maybe hail storming against the window inside lashing winds, the snap when a branch falls from the crepe myrtle.  
I send silent questions to whoever is out there. Sometimes an answer, also wordless, enters the huge space around me, but tonight, I'm on my own. I have heard that it is better to pray with angels than to sleep.  Well, here I am: wide awake, open to messages from any with messages to deliver.