Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sun and Rain

 Approximately 3.8 billion years ago, young sun went mano a mano with volcanic gases, beat their molecules down into atoms. From the one-global ocean floor, I watched these carbon atoms hydrogen and oxygen atoms nitrogen atoms rain down,  forge chains, replicate, reorganize, mutate, and god knows what else was needed to incite life.  I would guess that our current arrangement of molecules is also transient. So have patience. Whatever ails you will be chemically changed, redirected, resurrected in due time.


  1. Interesting insights. I suppose the only worry would be whether you would still be you following the change, redirection and resurrection.

    If not, then the promise seems a tad unfulfilling I suppose.

  2. It would not be the you that you recognize as you; I'm sure of that.