Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Man waits

While his mother and I work in the cool, he spreads mulch.  He does odd jobs and waits for things set in motion to move more definitively. He waits for the hiring freeze to end.  He waits to talk to a lawyer, and for child protective services to do their job.  Mostly, he waits to get custody of his son.   A scattered, sarcastic kid, he has risen to the challenges of fatherhood thus far; Sunday will only be his first, maybe second, Father's Day.  I hope that he gets his son soon, and that they lock the child's mother up for a long time. That would be justice.  And that would bring his mother, my friend, peace.


  1. Allow me to add my hope to yours. It's worth noting how trials in life sometimes teach us the best and most.

  2. Trials can be instructional, and school is always in session. Thank you for your hope!