Monday, June 13, 2011

Last year

A year ago today, Joni and I walked down the airplane steps into a muggy, hot night.  A lit up Akwaaba sign directed us across the tarmac into the airport.   It was not a mundane thing to us, standing in Accra.  It was real because we saw the signs, but it was also unbelievable. We had no holy, or important reason to visit, just an invitation, and the desire to go.  I felt lucky and happy to live for the short time with Madame and her family; their hospitality will stay with me.  To be able to take my daughter along was pure pleasure. 

We went to school most days.   To give teachers a chance to mark papers, I rotated from class to class.By teaching whatever lessons were needed, I got to know teachers and students better.  Joni had class with people her age.  Of course we visited Cape Coast Castle, Elmina, Kakum Natl. Park (all we could hear in the rainforest were vuvuzuelas and people screaming for Ghana vs. Australia game).   However, the things that made me happiest  were simple: going to Makola Market with Madame to buy cafeteria trays, hugging/screaming/singing/spilling out into the street when Ghana beat USA in World Cup (I am happy to be an American, but the Black Stars are the only football team that I follow)....eating (okro stew, shitto, banku, plantains prepared many ways, pineapple, etc. etc.), meeting people, walking through Tema and also Accra simply absorbing the energy.  It was especially wonderful to experience these things with Joni.  I hope we'll have another chance soon.

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