Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today is the first official day of summer vacation.  It  feels wonderful to be officially through.  I slept late, and have had a lazy day. I'll maintain inertia for another couple of days if I can stand it.

I said two days ago that I would try to post something here every day for a month. My hope is that this self-inflicted task will force me out of habitual lethargy, and lead me closer to my voice. Have you ever walked through a giant labyrinth?  Walking and meditating the elaborate turns of a labyrinth is supposed to help answers emerge for whatever question is at hand; in my limited experience, the process does inspire personal revelation.  Writing is my labyrinth.  I begin with an idea, or maybe a string of provocative words.  At the end (if I can ever stop editing), I always walk away with new insight.  So, I'm hoping for new insight and direction this month.

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