Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yesterday's storm knocked some trees over.  The parkway was blocked by branches; all Gloucester/ Yorktown bound traffic had to take an alternative route home.  I recalibrated to I-64 E where traffic consistently moved at 5 miles per hour.   Midway across the Coleman Bridge, sirens sounded: Emergency!  All vehicles moved aside to let the ambulance pass.  Except for one silver car, license plate:  ?DP 7225 ( I kindly exclude the first digit) whose driver took advantage of the now free lane to speed to the front of the queue. Such nerve!  I laughed and settled in for the remainder of the hot, humid crawl home.

 At least the girls were at grandma's house, and not waiting on me.  I stopped to get a rehumanizing pedicure, and almost fell asleep in the chair massage.  Then home where I fell asleep for real, at an unprecedented 8:30.

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