Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wash me in the water

Today I took the girls on a traditional family outing to the ballet.  Over the years we have seen several: Swan Lake, Appalachian Spring, Firebird…today we saw the Alvin Ailey National Dance Theatre at Chrysler Hall, in Norfolk.  

The ballet thing started with Joni.  When she was five she wanted to become a ballerina.  She read every ballet book in the children’s section of our library.  She also wrote books detailing important aspects of the ballerina’s life.  How to put elastics in your shoes.  What does fifth position look like?   Thinking that it would be a good idea to take her to an actual ballet,  I got tickets to The Grigorovich Ballet production of Swan Lake.  I did this out of duty.  I had no interest in the ballet, but wanted to encourage Joni. At that time, I was afraid to drive to Norfolk so I bought three tickets.  One for Joni, one for me, one for a guest doubling as driver.
Ten years later, I’m okay about driving to Norfolk.  I still get lost easily.  Joni and I had a major fight on the way over.  Ostensibly about directions, but something had been boiling between us for days.  The ballet was balm soothing over  mangled feelings.  We left Chrysler Hall joyfully having been washed in the water , rare and spiritually cleansing dance.

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