Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring cleaning

     Tonight I'm alternating time between cleaning, schoolwork, and Facebook.  I think about how Facebook, and other social media, are being used in Bahrain, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, etc. etc., as I post a comment about how I cleaned out the refrigerator today.  I guess it's all relative.  Get rid of outdated miso and rancid refried beans, get rid of Mubarak: either way we're purging, right?

     Now, while people in Morocco call for political reform, while Quaddafi's green book still smoulders,
 I purge my bedroom closet.  Unbelievable the number of bags filled with perfectly good clothing, and thrown into the back of our van.  The thrift store won't  blink when it sees my surplus; just add it to the pile, chalk it up to Manifest Destiny (I'm sure that the parallel works, so humor me).

    Humans are hard wired to clean periodically.  We may tidy our nests, or subvert a political situation.  The universe, however, favors entropy; no clean house, or  revolution sparkles for long.  Keeping my closet clean will  only be slightly easier than sustaining the promise of a political movement. Still, there is hope.


  1. This may be my favorite Kale entry yet. Entropy 4-ever.

  2. And DON'T Look at my refrigerator tomorrow....Jenn, is it really difficult to post a comment here?

  3. I'll try a comment. I like the new picture as well as the short-lived clean closet.

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