Saturday, January 1, 2011

Present moment

Slush melts, and with it the Gregorian year, 2010.

Tonight, I watched movies with Joni: Hairspray and Storm.  She built three solar ovens for a science project;  I strung waist beads. We had a long, deep,and excellent mother/daughter talk. Slightly febrile, Tzippi woke long enough to inform us that she doesn't like our silly quips, or noise. 

  We are cozy, relaxed, semi-productive.  Our house is tidy enough, and good food's on the horizon.  This is enough: one pure moment of well-being.  One snowflake rushing toward the gutter, but still beautiful.

Happy New Years!!!! 


  1. Did Joni try out her solar ovens? I've thought about making one but not too seriously.....yet.

  2. We've had good luck with a simple parabolic cooker; if you like, I'll send you the pattern. Joni's ovens worked, but January weather was not her friend. Every day that she tried to do her experiment, it snowed, or rained...frustrating, but eventually she had success.

  3. Come up and visit some time. Bring the pattern along. Does it call for anything fancy? Maybe we could put one together n' cook somethin'.

  4. It is so simple. Cardboard, tinfoil, canning jar (or pot), black paint...nothing tricky. I made them with kids in the neighborhood some years back, and with my own students.

    Makes the best soup!!! I would love to stop by and see you sometime. We can knit while the sun cooks our meal.