Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Way Opens

Way opens:  When a certain action is felt to be necessary, but no clear path to accomplishing the task is yet known.

Three years ago our school was optimistically building. Now we are struggling to stay open until December. Another sign of the times. We have the lowest private school tuition in town, but not low enough to retain families struggling with job insecurity or loss.

 J went to this school for six years. This is Tzip's fourth year, and my tenth. Working here has given me the chance to work outside the home, and still be near my children. I have had the freedom to develop a curriculum based on international Montessori standards, but incorporating my own interests. It has been a great place to work. With so many emotional ties, and memories, it is hard to imagine the school closing.  It is closing, though. 

I'm sad, scared, but also invigorated by possibilities on the horizon. Last night I signed up to take the GREs again.  I have an interview tomorrow, and several ideas about new career direction.  Quakers have a favorite saying: Way opens. With that in mind, I'm paying attention to all potential doors and windows.  Which way next?

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