Sunday, May 30, 2010

Three Day Weekend

School ends on June 9th; we go to Ghana on the 13th. For weeks I have been juggling everyday life things, and also looking for a second job. I've had headaches, sore-throats, and low energy level, without ever becoming sick enough to miss school. Naturally, I'm pleased to have this three day weekend.

A friend invited me to a concert last night, tonight another friend invited us to supper. I chose to stay home both nights. I don't even want to leave the neighborhood. I have a list of errands, and chores to do. I want to do them with a minimum of madness. Yesterday we got traveler's checks, and cash for Ghana. We bought imodium, sunscreen, and other necessities of travel. Today I planned to do similar things, but that is not what happened.

Instead, I slept until five. I left bed to cut a watermelon for the girls, and to take more benedryl for poison ivy. I listened to my favorite sephardic music, then got up to change the music to Skip James. Other than that I stayed in bed; I don't think that I even dreamed. At five I mowed the lawn, and went on a short walk. The children came home from playing in the neighborhood. I bought a camera, and some popsicles.

The three day weekend is off to a rollicking start. Over the next two days, I shall clean house, and finish lesson plans. I'll make sure that J's camping stuff is completely packed, so that we don't have to stress about that in the three days between Ghana, and camp. I'll make sure that I have enough paper bags to make the school bathroom into a cave for Cro-magnon day. I'll look in the garage for my atl-atl. I'll borrow one more suitcase for Ghana. Maybe I'll have to make a new atlatl. I have an entire weekend left to do all of these wonderful things.

Now, I shall take some benedryl and crawl back into bed.