Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kale blogs of note

Low to the ground, and with modest coloring, kale is easy to overlook. I named this blog on a lark, but the more I find out about kale, the more inclined I am to join a Kale Cult should one materialize. Who knew, for example, that kale has the highest nutritional density of any food group? And good news for gardeners: kale grows in the lousiest of soil,and is largely disease resistant. I googled kale and came up with tons of information, but also some other Kale blogs. Here I share three Kale blogs of note with you.

I love Diana Dyer, MS, RD's blog: 365 Days of Kale. Her blog focuses on Brassica vegetables, with an emphasis on... kale. Dyer's blog includes recipes, nutritional information, gardening information, and research about kale and other brassica vegetables.

I am interested in making her Brassica Tri-fecta stir fry , but
not quite ready for the kale smoothie . I like this blog a whole lot, though. The pictures are fabulous, and the information about kale is bountiful.

In another outstanding kale oriented blog, Lettuce eat kale., food writer Sarah Henry shares her musings on food, family, and growing greens. She writes about both the pleasure, and politics of food.

There are many creative approaches to giving American children access to healthier lunches in the news lately; school lunches are an important focus on her blog. Seven reasons why the times are right for school lunch reform and Jamie Oliver: School food revolution or reality tv rubbish? are two recent articles. Nothing about Alice Waters. yet, but I'm patient.

Henry also posts information about food related events like What's on Your Plate which documents two Nyc middle schoolers, Sadie Rain Hope-Gund and Safiyah Kai Russell Riddle, who track down a meal to its source.

Finally, to my great delight, I found a blog called Eat more kale. As inspirational sayings go, could it get any better? You can also buy t-shirts that say Eat more kale from this site. I want one!!!
Also if you email him at, he'll send you free EAT MORE KALE stickers.


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